It’s almost time!

In sixteen days’ time I shall be off on my summer holiday trip to Croatia! I CANNOT WAIT! Two weeks of sunny relaxed bliss, exploring ancient towns, turquoise waters, vibrant cities and alluring lakes. It sounds like heaven!

I first went to the region in 2014 when I took myself off to Slovenia to celebrate my birthday. I completely fell in love with everything about the country. I am hoping that Croatia, being Slovenia’s neighbour, treats me just as well and that I come back with that grandiose feeling you get when you’ve been somewhere totally awesome!

Now, I generally try to be quite spontaneous, but fitting in everything that I want to do can be a struggle. In real life, not just on my travels I hasten to add! There’s just so much to do, and so little time!

So I’ve got my main itinerary planned for this trip too: I’ve read the relevant section of my Lonely Planet guide, I’ve read countless blog posts and spoken with numerous friends who have already visited Croatia. I’m ready, I know what the bare minimum I want to see/do is, and I’ve still got enough time to be flexible and do those spur of the moment things that hopefully I’ll never forget!

My route is shown on this map. I’m flying to Dubrovnik, and out of Zagreb and have two whole weeks to explore my chosen destinations. From Dubrovnik I will be making two day trips, one self guided to Kotor in Montenegro and one on an organised tour to Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. From Dubrovnik I head to Hvar, Split, Zadar, Plitvice lakes and Zagreb before flying home.


I’m really looking forward to exploring another new destination, getting three countries closer to my challenge of visiting 30 before I’m 30 and to spending 2 weeks in my own company. It’s been a manic few months at work and a proper break is exactly what I need. Although, judging by how many destinations I plan on fitting in, it may not exactly be a relaxing break!

If you’ve been to any of the places I’m visiting, please feel free to share your tips!

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