9 months

It has literally been 9 months, to the day, since I last wrote a blog post. I could have had a baby in that time (thankfully I haven’t)! But seriously poor form by me; I really enjoyed writing posts on here, but I’ve clearly let life get in the way a bit too much.

I’ve done some amazing things though, and I promise I’ll blog about most of them in the near future. So, here’s my highlights of the 9 missing months!

  • Bingley Music Live – a great little festival in Yorkshire with the friends we made at Glastonbury in 2015
  • Went to Banksy’s Dismaland
  • Holiday to Budapest – wow, what a city! One of my absolute favourites!
  • Christmas!
  • I bought a house! Yep; adulthood hits hard with a mortgage! This was a very stressful part of my life, but I’m so glad we did it
  • I joined a Book Club. Because I’m a well rounded individual 😉
  • Developed a strong obsession with Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself after walking around Paris singing it at every opportunity on a hen do
  • Went to see Avenue Q and Mamma Mia; having never seen either, both were really entertaining!
  • Wedding of the year: Georgia & Erin ❤
  • Another Secret Cinema trip; again completely mind-blowing
  • I went on my first ski trip. I had mixed success; both moments of tears and moments of elation
  • A once in the lifetime trip to the Arctic circle for a friend’s 30th. This one will make a great blog post, I promise!
  • Camping in the Brecon Beacons with friends; there were so many peacocks roaming free
  • Renovated our bathroom. #exhausting
  • Reunion with Uni friends at an incredible Air BnB; table tennis, beer pong, football and laughs by the bucketload
  • Restarted the Body Coach plan, after absolutely jumping off the wagon in September!

After that whistle stop tour of some of my highlights of the past 9 months,  I am realising how much fun I’ve had. And that list doesn’t even touch the sides; I’ve had many awesome weekends with friends, evenings in the pub and all of those little things that make life awesome.

Until my next post (before the end of this week!), bye!

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