Feeling full, fresh and fine!

It’s Tuesday today. Specifically the Tuesday after the August Bank Holiday and back to work I went. Today is also my Day 9 of the Body Coach’s 90 Day SSS Plan and I have to say time has flown by!

Despite being completely overwhelmed by the amount of food I need to eat, it has all gone swimmingly so far. Well, except for a couple of turkey and egg muffins doing their best to culture a new type of mould that is! After one big supermarket shop, which included enough tupperware to equip a small army of mums, I was ready to crack on with preparing some of my meals for the week. I spent about 5 hours last Sunday preparing meals for the coming days. Thankfully I quite enjoy cooking, but I was shocked at how many eggs I would have to eat! 9 days in and I have eaten maybe 30 or so! As friends will know, I don’t like eggs. Apparently except for when they’re in a delicious omelette that is…


#Sweaty! But don’t be distracted from all of that yummy food!

The food has been a dream. Admittedly there is a lot of it; 3 large meals and 2 snacks a day. There have been plenty of times I get to 9 or 10pm and realise I haven’t eaten one of my snacks so I’ve scoffed a protein shake. Protein shakes: I never really got on with them in my cycling days. They were always a necessity rather than something tasty. The My Protein ones however are rather tasty. I think it helps that they actually dissolve into the water rather than leaving a powdery residue on your tongue.

The exercise also hasn’t been too challenging (she says). High intensity interval training; it’s quick, creates a killer sweat and leaves me breathless and unable to speak! But I’ve generally recovered well enough. With the exception of one session where I clearly did not warm up/down properly and caused calves so tight I could not walk when I got out of bed or off of a chair!

I generally feel better on this plan. I have more energy, enjoy all of my meals (although that was never a problem). I have not missed sugar or evening snacks. Alcohol was supposed to be cut out, but having only four G&T’s over a Bank Holiday weekend is a success in my book! I also had to replace a couple of meals when i was eating out with work or friends, but I think I made (reasonably) good choices…

Two more days fully on-plan this week, but then I am off to Bingley Music Live. Three days of lots of alcohol and I imagine lots of bad fast food! I’ll do my best to make good choices, but I am just not sure if they will be available! Oh well; I’ll just commit extra hard to those HIIT sessions next week!

Right, time for bed. Up bright and early to cycle to the gym and smash out half an hour on the rowing machine. Wish me luck!

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