Oh hey blog, did you miss me?

I have been so rubbish at keeping up to date with my blog. So I apologise to it (and to any followers who may have missed me). In the time that I’ve been absent a lot has happened in my summer so far:

  • Glastonbury 2015- totally awesome! I made some new friends from “oop norf”, fell in love with Lionel Ritchie and found out that adding gin to Carlsberg only improves it!
  • I’m buying a house! This perhaps will be it’s own blog post in the future given how much pain it has been already, but I’m getting on the property ladder with my friend Amie. Life goal: tick!
  • Many wonderful evening and weekends with friends have been had. From surprising Stimps with a midweek birthday visit, to enjoying Bristol Harbour Festival with Jack, watching the Balloon Fiesta with Hannah and drunk evenings with jenga, nibbles and 90’s music with the Cardiff girls. I love you all
  • Surprised my Mum with her first visit to The Emirates to watch The Arsenal. She loved it! Dad and I have successfully converted her into a Gooner after many years of trying!
  • Completed the Adrenaline Rush obstacle course
  • Went to watch the Ashes in Cardiff and saw England absolutely dominate! “Miiiitchellllll!”
  • Tried my hand at disability sports (wheelchair basketball being a favourite)
  • Travelled to another galaxy at Star Wars Secret Cinema
  • I’ve enjoyed breakfasts in the garden and beers in the sunshine
  • Watched Arsenal win the Community Shield at Wembley
  • Searched for Shaun the Sheep dotted around Bristol
  • Adrenaline chasing at Alton Towers
  • Read loads of good books; 22 books read so far in 2015!

All in all my summer is turning out to be a cracker. Work is crazy busy too, which is definitely contributing to my lax blog writing commitment. I’ll try and be better, although I realise I’ve definitely said that before in the past few months! And I really need to write some more posts about my trip to Vietnam before I forget the details (quite likely given my memory).

One thing I may end up blogging about is my latest attempt to get fitter. I have always enjoyed exercise (and food and booze) but I’ve always been on the “larger” side of things. So I’ve signed up to The Body Coach in the hope it can help me shift some of the wobble! It will probably be horrific so I will likely moan on here, but as long as it’s worth it in the end, then that’s ok. Right?

Until next time..

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