Bounce, bounce, headbang?

Saying “yes” is something we should all do more. Why restrict your experiences unless you have a really good reason? I spent most of 2013 saying yes to more and more things. It was a lot of fun! I met new people, went to numerous shows, booked holidays, had flings… And spent a LOT of money! So I’ve reigned it in a bit recently.

But, being open to new experiences doesn’t have to be so financially challenging. It can be as simple as seeing what is going on in your town and going to some random free events that you wouldn’t normally have gone to, or buying lunch from a different place every day. Recently I’ve taken part in some things I’ve never done before, like the Vietnamese cooking class I went to a couple of weeks ago which I blogged about here and in this post I’m going to briefly tell you about three other things I’ve tried recently.

1. Zorb football

wpid-screenshot_2015-03-04-21-07-472.jpg.jpegI’ve always wanted to do this! I love football and loved the idea of being bounced around the pitch. Videos I had watched on YouTube like this one and this one made me doubly excited to give it a go. I was not disappointed! My friend Amie organised zorb football for her birthday last month, so 18 of us gathered in a sports hall in Cardiff and prepared for what was to be an hour of sweaty fun!

wpid-wp-1425503360135.jpegWe were split into 3 teams and played two games each. I was in Team Tangerine and we were on first. We were a competitive bunch and we won. It is crazy how unstable you are when you have a zorb ball covering your body from the hips up! I was first taken out from behind and went absolutely flying! Once you realise that you don’t get hurt at all, the confidence to obliterate the opposition grows!

One hour later, Team Tangerine had proven victorious despite the zorbs bring steamed up so you couldn’t see anywhere. As I say, so much fun and certainly an experience I want to do again! Here’s the video that the organisers made of our session; not as dramatic as some of the others on youtube, but just as fun!

2. Gravity force

I know, gravity is present everywhere on earth. Its not something new. But Gravity Force in Camberley is. It is a trampoline park. Yes, a giant warehouse converted to include dozens of interconnected trampolines where adults and kids alike bounce until their heart’s content.

Your visit starts with a quick safety briefing and then you’re let lose. It was like being a lid in a sweet shop; I didn’t know where to go first! We headed to the dodgeball courts, trampolines of course and threw balls at each other for a while. It was strange that the walls were also sprung so you could bounce off them too!

Then we rocked some slam dunking on the basketball hoops; I caught air I’ve never caught before. Who says white girls can’t jump?

The main part of the room was full of kids who haven’t yet learnt fear. I fully embraced mg fear and somersaulted into a foam pit. Nailed the jump, atrocious at climbing out…

I really enjoyed my first visit to Gravity Force and will definitely be returning. Its a good work out (I was aching for days afterwards), childish and fun. Even if I could barely walk the next day; my poor knees are aging faster than I am!

3. Valis Ablaze

On Monday night I went to my first ever metal gig. Now, I like music and I’d say that on the face if of it I like most genres. But heavy metal is one of those genres I’ve never really been able to connect to. Or ever tried to!

So of course, in my quest to experience new things I went to see my colleagues’ metal band on the first night of their tour. Their Twitter bio describes them as:

‘The best metal thing Bristol has produced since Brunel’s bridge. And just as heavy.’

Despite reservations about how much I would enjoy it, I actually had a really great time.

Sure the music is very noisy and complicated, but the passion of every member of Valis Ablaze was insane. Some of the drumming and guitar playing was great; when the beat dropped it was hard not to get involved! I didn’t quite get around to head-banging, I was more of a strong head-nodder. I certainly was not going to get involved with the most pit that formed during the last song!

I still don’t get the screaming nature of the vocals, but I urge you all to go and watch some music you don’t think you’ll like. Go on, you may be surprised.



2 thoughts on “Bounce, bounce, headbang?

  1. If you like trampolining you should try Bounce Below in North wales – trampolines underground!
    Loved this read – I will definitely say yes to more things! Hoping to go scuba diving next week!


    • Underground trampolines? That sounds awesome! As does scuba diving; I’ve not been anywhere cool enough where I’d like to have done it. Except maybe Iceland. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to reading about it!


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