The best roast I’ve ever eaten.

image“The best roast I’ve ever eaten”; that’s not an accolade I give lightly. But, The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer on King Street, Bristol has yet to be surpassed. It is my favourite pub in Bristol for many reasons; a beer and ale menu from British brewers that changes daily,  locally-sourced ingredients for the impressive daily menu, a roaring wood-burning fire, local musicians live at the weekend, and friendly, knowledgeable staff. But, it is their triple roast that drives me to rave about this pub to my friends; simply sublime!

At £16 the triple roast is not a bargain basement plate of generic brown fodder that can be found in some establishments. But it is a bargain price for the quality of the food and cooking that you receive. The triple roast is a combination of pink, tender beef, thick pork with crackling, and delicious lamb slices. All three meats are cooked to perfection and melt in the mouth. It also comes with all available sides: Yorkshire pudding, fluffy roast potatoes, parsnip and carrot crisps, stuffing, seasonal vegetables and parsnip puree (which is incredible!). And swimming in a small lake of tasty gravy. Plus three sauces if you want them; horseradish for the beef, apple jelly for the pork, and mint jelly for the lamb.

Reading that list back makes me realise just how large the roast really is! But as ever, when I’m having a roast at TFRNV I have a tiny breakfast and wear stretchy trousers, so I managed to defeat the mountain of deliciousness in front of me.

imageTwenty minutes after finishing I’m still stuffed. But, I’m so obviously tempted by course two: dessert. An extra £4 for another course again represents great value for money and again the quality of food high. I went for the dark chocolate and peanut butter tart on an Oreo base, which was pure decadence. It came with a raspberry sorbet which I hadn’t realised, but made a delightful addition that complimented the strong flavours in the tart.

Today’s roast was consumed with some friends from work, which was a lovely end to a stressful week. A company restructure has meant many of us have been made redundant, myself included, which means we have to interview for the new roles next week. So it has been a week full of uncertainty and opportunity alike, but it was relaxing to chat freely with friends over good food. And, Arsenal playing incredibly well and beating Manchester City certainly has left my week on a high, and has left me optimistic about the challenges in the week coming up!



2 thoughts on “The best roast I’ve ever eaten.

  1. Oh I’ve passed by it already and I never went inside, it seems I’m definitely missing out. Will try it out soon, maybe I’ll even manage to escape for a lunch out. That dessert looks so tempting!


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